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How to Sew: Medical Gown (PPE)

How to Sew: Medical Gown (PPE)

Now that you've got your pieces cut out for the medical gown, let's start constructing it.

1. WAIST TIE & NECK TIES: Fold them into thirds and topstitch lengthwise.


2. BACK TIES: Tuck the Neck Tie under the Bodice Back piece (on the WS), lining it up to the top of the neckline. Topstitch in place. 


3. Repeat with the other side and this is what you'll have:


4. WAIST TIE: Measure 45cm from the top of the Front Bodice. Position the Waist Tie horizontally across the bodice, making sure the "tails" on the left and right side are of equal lengths. Topstitch the Waist Tie in place, about 25cm or so-- this doesn't have to be super precise as the Waist Tie just needs to be held in the middle of the gown.


5. BODICE: Stack the Back Bodices to the Front Bodice, RS to RS. Line them up at the shoulders. Sew the shoulder seams.


6. This is what you'll have on the RS:


7. WRIST TIES: Stack a Wrist Tie on top of the shorter edge of the Sleeve, RS to RS. Allow the excess "tail" of the Wrist tie to stick out on one side of the Sleeve (see below). Stitch in place.


8. Fold the Wrist Tie into thirds, towards the WS of the Sleeve. This is similar to the construction of the the ties in Step #1.

9. Top stitch the Wrist Tie lengthwise.


10. This is what you'll have. Repeat Steps #7 - #9 with the other sleeve.


11. ATTACHING SLEEVES: Stack a Sleeve on top of the Bodice, RS to RS. Stitch in place.

Tip: Find the center fold of the Sleeve and line it up to the shoulder seam of the Bodice to align the sleeve properly.


12. Repeat with the other sleeve, and this is what you should have on the RS:

13. SIDE SEAMS: Fold the Back Bodice over the Front Bodice, lining up the pieces at the side seams. Leave a gap of about 12cm unsewn from the wrist unsewn. Sew the side seams from the sleeve towards the hen of the gown.


14. Lastly, tuck the "tail" of the Wrist Tie under its starting point, leaving a gap between the ends of about 1cm (this becomes the thumb loop). Topstitch the tail in place.

15. And you're done! If you're sewing these gowns for a hospital, you can skip turning the gown RS out to minimise handling. 


Thank you for sewing for our frontliners!

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